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I will be 22 in the end of this month and starting next week, I will date myself.

Me and I have a lot of common so we will do new and exciting adventures all by ourselves.

Next Sunday, I’m planning to watch Maleficent because I heard good reviews from Angelina Jolie’s acting. We are excited to see that! (And she’s my favorite actress!!!!)

If I Could

One morning, I’m half asleep and half awake. It’s like I’m hallucinating. I’m praying to God like this:

"God, in the past 21 years. I’ve done some mistakes. I let go of great opportunities. I regret missing some chances. I want to go back. Please. Let me go back in those times. I want to do things my way and not what my parents wants me to do. Let me be myself. I know I can do greater things if I just believe in myself during those times. Please."

Then I woke up. Realizing it will not happen. I know that in my life right now, I’m stuck. I’m studying law for almost a year now and I realize, I don’t want to be a lawyer.

I want to be a chef. I want to teach. I want to inspire others. I want to share my knowledge. I want to talk with people. I want to build my own business.

I WANT MY OWN RESTAURANT. That’s what I want to do.

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